Cahuita – the Caribbean´s magic

Cahuita, in the South Caribbean, is according to the magazine Caribbean Way, a truly charming town; a real Caribbean town where time seems to have stopped, with heaven on Earth beaches surrounded by majestic tropical forests.

The Afro-Caribbean culture is everywhere; an African legacy reflected in the architecture, gastronomy, music, and the people, which roots come from turtle fishers that settled down three hundred years ago. Nowadays, Cahuita is a multicultural town, with settlers from all around the world and where Reggae and Calypso notes will be around you during your visit to this peculiar town.

But if there is something to emphasize about Cahuita, apart from its friendly people, it is without doubt its natural surroundings, protected by Cahuita National Park to a large extend, one of Costa Rica´s natural jewels.

To visit the Park is mandatory, since you won’t find many places like this around the world. There is a 7 kilometers long trail from one end to another along a astonishing tropical forest with huge trees and where, among the dense vegetation, you will begin to meet its inhabitants, the Howler Monkey, the White-nosed coati, the otter, the iguana and endless birds. Once you are in, the beaches with coconut trees lined along the coast will amaze you, they look like a dream.

The Caribbean Sea not only rests over beautiful beaches, but also hides one of the most valuable treasures, the coral reef. You’ll only need a dive mask in order to learn about this ecosystem, since it is very close to the coast line. The reef’s richness is great; here you can find 35 coral species besides 140 molluscs, 128 seaweeds, and 123 fish species, something really extraordinary.

Come to Cahuita will be a trip you will fully enjoy, not only because of the amazing nature, but also because of Cahuita’s welcoming people, who will make you feel at home.

This is the Caribbean’s magic.

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